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Product Description


The power and knowledge of a 3D printer enclosed in a single touch


Introduction of 4PRINT

The 4PRINT professional 3D printer was created with the aim of making this revolutionary new technology accessible to all, destined to change the world of design and production, while still guaranteeing technically professional results.

The original peculiarity of 4PRINT lies in its simplicity and immediacy of use: anyone can approach it, regardless of their level of knowledge and ability. You can realize your ideas by focusing on the project to enhance it more. 4DOIT Team, given the intuitive use of 4PRINT, has made available a wide range of projects collected in a vast catalog, available to the public through a site and constantly updated.




The 4PRINT professional 3D printer was created with the aim of enhancing the ideas and projects of the end user. But what does this mean?

Perhaps not everyone knows that a classic 3D printer is NOT very simple to use, because regardless of its cost, requires specific technical knowledge and in-depth to achieve a satisfactory result. However, in this way, the user must be more concerned with knowing and understanding the operation of the machine than of the project itself. This entails a loss in monetary and time terms: instead of being an added value, the machine becomes an economic burden or even an obstacle to its business.

The 4PRINT is therefore born with the aim of leaving the final user only the task of devising and delineating his project, without having to worry about setting up and setting up the 3D printer. The 4PRINT automatically performs all the necessary tasks: it automatically calibrates, converts your drawings into the specific language, checks the materials you want to use, etc …


La 4PRINT è una stampante 3D professionale solida e sicura, creata con tutte le più avanzate tecnologie, per offrire un’esperienza di alta qualità unica nel suo genere a chiunque voglia entrare nel mondo della stampa 3D.




It is possible to interface with the printer via a touch display. Thanks to a special bar, you can search the 4DOITaly library for the files you can print and display previews on the screen. In the event that no search is performed, the list of objects to be printed shows the files recently added to the library.

By clicking on the desired object it is therefore possible to print it without resorting to any external device. The print values are preset and this makes the whole process accessible even to those who do not have prior knowledge of 3D printing.

This system also allows the user to not necessarily have to find 3D models from external sources (which may not be 100% correct).

Finally, the interface, directly connected to our database, is kept constantly updated.


We have created this catalog by combining exclusive projects of 4DOITaly and others, which can be found online, citing the name of the original designer, verifying each selected file. This allows the exchange of ideas between all in a simple and fast, also allows you to have a large variety of products and always increasing (we are talking about over 2500 objects, and we are only at the beginning!)



The 4PRINT will always be updated and controlled by our team, but you can also increase the catalog of YOU! Anyone can add a product to the catalog connected to all 4DOITaly printers (if desired). So you can show everyone your creations, signing them!


What we want to create is an increasingly active and interactive community that can satisfy needs and desires. If, for example, a person does not know how to draw a particular object and can not find it online, he can rely on the community, where he can find help and support!



Unlike other 3D printers on the market, 4PRINT has designed a simple and effective interface, equipped with a touchscreen display, in which, in addition to the updated catalog, there is also the machine control system.




Control options

This interface allows you to connect directly to your printer and, with a simple command, you can:
Change the Print Filament
Manually command it
Connect it to the internet
Update the Software
Update the Library
This innovative interface means that, unlike commercially available 3D printers, complex operations must not be carried out so as to make it intuitive and accessible to everyone.







Innovative Plan

Unlike the printing plans of other 3D printers, 4PRINT has developed a plan created specifically to be simple and convenient:

Magnetic Plan

The magnetic plate eliminates the presence of clamps or clamping systems to the machine complex or intrusive, and allows the user to be able to easily remove the plane.

Thus the removal of the floor is simple and risk-free for both the user and the machine. Associated with the technology of Auto-Bed Level, this ensures convenient use and a perfect and constant quality of printing.

Adhesion with specialized Resin

The plate is equipped with a powerful resin designed and designed specifically for 3D printing. This resin ensures excellent adhesion to the plane of the printed piece, without risking that the latter can come off during printing.

Simplified detachment

Our plate, unlike those on the market, has a flexible surface, which allows you to remove even the most difficult to remove pieces by simply flexing the print surface.




Automatic control system


Automatic leveling

Thanks to its automatic floor leveling system, the 4PRINT does not require manual intervention. It will be possible to obtain such excellent prints, without problems and without prior knowledge.




Automatic Control

Unlike other 3D printers, which need to be constantly checked, the 4PRINT has been studied because at the end of each print, independently check all the mechanics and correct any errors. Again, you do not need previous knowledge from the user: everyone can get optimal results.


Test the materials!



The 4PRINT is designed to print various materials on the market including the technical ones for 3D printing FDM, such as: PLA; PLA + aluminum powder and PLA + graphite powder. For the more experienced, 4PRINT is also compatible with ABS, Wood, Nylon, PETG, TPU, HIPS, PET, Flex and many more!
3D printing also means testing new materials and physically testing them, studying them, experimenting with them … 4PRINT makes all this possible!




WI-FI Connection12

The 4PRINT is completely controllable in WI-Fi. You can interface with it from any device: smartphone, tablet or computer with Windows or iOS operating system.

Wherever you find yourself, you can then check how your printing proceeds and check the 4PRINT without difficulty.




Automatic Slicing



Within the 4PRINT an Open-Source program has been implemented that, together with our technology and our software, allows you to independently transform any .STL file into a G-Code file. Just like a classic printer that prints sheets of text and images, the 4PRINT prints the .STL files without problems, with excellent final quality.

Nothing prevents the most experienced to use and make the most of the potential of 4PRINT, which is compatible with all slicing programs and their G-CODE.

With this system the difficulty of using the 3D printer is eliminated. Even if you do not have the file, you can easily search for the design via the Internet (if it was not already present in the integrated catalog).




Add value to your ideas, enter the 4DOITaly world!




Example Prints








Print Technology Fused Filament Fabrication
Print Area 200 mm x 200 mm x 180 mm
Resolution 50 µ (0.05 mm)
Maximum displacement accuracy 12.5 µ / 12.5 µ / 5 µ
Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Diametere nozzle 0.4 mm
Print speed 60 mm/s – 180 mm/s
Move speed 30 mm/s – 350 mm/s


Supported FIles STL
Operative Sistems   Windows / Mac / Linux
Supply IN   100 – 240 V
1.4 AMPS 50 – 60 Hz  221 Watt max.


Wifi  Integrated


Machine Size 357 mm x 342 mm x 520 mm
Weight 12.0 Kg


69 dBA


Ambient temperature of use
15 – 32 °C
Ambient temperature at rest
0 – 32 °C
Nozzle temperature
180 – 260 °C
Heated plate working temperature
 60 °C