This page is born with the purpose to answer your questions and curiosity. What is our style of work?A passionate, cooperative and open to innovation work. What are the criteria by which our products are proposed and created? The greatest transparency possible. And what is our goal? Making customers free to choose their products according to their needs.

4DOITaly is a 100% Italian company. The name “4DOITaly” was born from the intention of supporting the “made in Italy” product: all our products are made and studied in the Italian environment to pursue this goal.


Our 4PRINTs are entirely made by our team in Italy. This type of printer, which is our flagship product, has been designed under the motto “innovation within everyone”. We only use Italian certified and high quality materials. We have also carefully studied the printer software from the beginning, in order to ensure greater reliability and security.


Our 3D filaments have been created and developed with meticulousness, following our high and rigid standards:

  1. they must be produced entirely in Italy
  2. they must be made with raw materials and eco-sustainable processes
  3. they must be absolutely harmless to the melting temperature for the health of the end user.

Each filament is produced on request, it is not in fact products in stock, to always guarantee a new and quality product. For this reason, the customer has the ability to customize many aspects of the product: the color of the thread, the weight / quantity and the structure of the coil (from recyclable plastic to cardboard).


The products printed in 3D are born with the intent to make known and appreciate the wonders of the world of 3D printing. The aim is to indulge and give life to any idea the user wants to print.
“Your dreams, our strength” is not just our motto but our way of working. In fact, we try to always meet every customer who wants to realize their own idea taking care of every necessary procedure to make it possible: starting also from a hand-made drawing we can realize the 3D drawing and then physically realize it through 3D printers or cutting laser.
This shows how for us customers are above all passionate people with whom to relate and share ideas.


We want to explain to you how important are the shipments with which we send our products directly to your home.
4DOITaly is aware of all the problems that a shipping service involves and for this we offer a service designed to solve all this and much more. If you are not at home at the time of delivery you can go directly to the centers of our couriers to collect the package at no additional cost (within the week). In case, however, your product arrives ruined, or lost, the replacement would be immediate and without additional costs on your part.
In other words, 4DOITaly takes the responsibility of your package until it arrives in your hands, we do not leave the shipment to chance and make sure it is up to all our other products.